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Guide to verifying the due date of your car insurance policy

 Guide to verifying the due date of your car insurance policy

Every car owner in India is required to obtain car insurance. It doesn't matter if you're a great driver or just drive your car once every few months. At all times, your vehicle must be covered with valid four-wheel insurance coverage. Read this article to find out how to check your car's policy due date.

The four-wheeled vehicle is financially protected by a car insurance policy against unexpected losses or damage caused by the vehicle. It also helps you pay the legal obligations of third parties that you have incurred as a result of unintentional damage or injury to the property of third parties. This document also covers the death or disability of the owner of the covered car - its driver in the event of an accident.

Guide to verifying the due date of your car insurance policy

All vehicle insurance plans have an accompanying validity period. Most four-wheel insurance policies are only good for a year. To maintain your coverage, you must renew your insurance before the expiration date. If you've recently got a new car, you'll need three years of car insurance coverage to comply with traffic regulations.

Why is it important to renew your car insurance policy on time?

It is necessary to renew your car insurance policy before it expires to ensure that your vehicle is covered. Your car insurance coverage will expire or expire if it is not renewed by the due date. Here are the implications of having an expired car insurance policy:

1. Don't claim to be divorced

If your car insurance coverage expires, your insurance company is no longer legally responsible for any losses or damages caused by your vehicle. After the insurance expires, the insurance company will not cover your third-party obligations or car compensation. As a result, you will have to cover the expenses of repairing your car or paying third parties yourself, putting you in financial trouble.

2. Car Law Violations

As long as the car is running, each car owner must secure it with at least third-party coverage. You will break the country's driving laws if you do not renew your coverage before it expires. If you are discovered driving an uninsured car on public highways, you may be handed a shilling or a six-month prison sentence for the first offence. 

3. Loss of any bonus claim

The No Claim Allowance (NCB) is a discount on the renewal premium granted to the owner of the vehicle for each year without claim. NCB can help you save up to 50% on the renewal premium. You will lose your NCB if you do not renew your insurance within 90 days of its expiration date.

How do you know when your car insurance policy will expire?

You can check the status of your car's insurance coverage and see when it expires in a variety of ways. Here are several ways to determine when your car insurance coverage will expire:

Make sure you have a copy of your car insurance policy.

Inquire about the insurance company's customer service about the expiration date.

If you get coverage through your insurance agent, inquire about the expiration date.

Learn about your policy status by visiting the RTO website.

Check the status of the policy on the insurance company's website.

Take away

To prevent legal and financial difficulties, always renew car insurance coverage before it expires. You must always carry important documents such as a copy of your car's insurance policy and personal details to avoid any fines or legal proceedings. Make sure your car is covered by valid insurance coverage at all times.

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