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Things you might not know about car insurance.

Things you might not know about car insurance.

Here are some things you might not know about car insurance. Read them to learn more about car insurance.

When it comes to car insurance, there are many more things apart from buying a policy and renewing. These are the things you should be aware of, but you're not like discounts and bonuses, extra covers, premium reduction methods, etc. This article will help insurance buyers make the most of their insurance plans. Let's discuss some points about car insurance that you may not know. 

things about car insurance you might not be aware of

The points discussed below are those you may not know about car insurance. These things can help you buy the policy, renew and use the car insurance plan:

1. Premium can reduce if you don't make a claim

Everyone assumes that car insurance is useful only when a claim for damages or loss is filed. However, making any claim can also benefit you with a bonus not a claim (NCB). This bonus is the kind of bonus that insurance companies offer to their policyholders to make any claim in the policy year. It generally starts at 20% and has accumulated a maximum of 50% with each year free of claim. 

2. You can claim ex-showroom car price

We all know that the value of the car decreases over time. This means that the previous showroom price is difficult to get the claim amount, but you can still get it back to the additional functionality coverage of the invoice. This addition is generally offered for new cars no older than 5 years old. With this cover, you can receive the invoice for the car, including road tax and other fees you paid during your purchase.

3. Physical documents are not required to claim

With technological advances and the need of an hour in this covid era, many car insurance companies have begun to make online claims with paper-based process facilities. This limits the hassle of arranging multiple documents and sending them to insurance companies by mail or in any other way. The online process not only makes the process smooth, but also accelerates it. 

4. Free withdrawal service can be used by policyholders

The most difficult aspect after meeting a car accident is to take the car to the garage. Withdrawal fees are also higher in such cases. However, with the addition of additional roadside assistance and additional coverage for your comprehensive car insurance policy, you can resolve such issues. After that, you'll just have to contact your insurance company and they'll save you with services like towing cars, repackaging fuel, fixing flat tires, on-demand assistance, etc.  

5. Anti-theft device can lower your policy premium

Many insurance companies cut the premium for policyholders who have installed an anti-theft device in their insured cars. Insurance is to cover the loss suffered by an insured person but advanced devices reduce the risk of theft, which is due to insurance companies reducing the premium. However, proven safety devices must be licensed by the Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI). 


No matter how important your insurance policy is, you can enjoy it to the fullest so you know almost everything about it. In this note, this article holds some special points about car insurance with the knowledge that you can secure your car in the best possible way.

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Disclaimer: This article is published in the public interest and is intended for public information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as crucial in nature, and further research or expert consultation should be conducted in this regard.