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Importance of non-cash garage facility in India

Importance of non-cash garage facility in India

Read to find out the importance of a cashless garage which has increased its popularity among people.

The importance of cashless garage facilities

1. Freedom from the financial burden

2. Stress-free driving

3. Stress-free claims


What is a cashless garage facility?

Non-cash garages or network garages are partner repair centers for the car insurance company that authorized them. These garages are located across the country to provide benefits and comfort to policyholders. If they choose a non-cash garage facility during the purchase or renewal of the policy, they can repair their car in any cashless garage in the event of an accident or accident.

When policyholders get their cars in network garages, they get a smooth repair experience because they don't have to pay any money. In such cases, the insurance company pays all repair bills except discounts and the cost of consumption imposed on replacement car parts.

Benefits of cashless garage facilities

The biggest advantage of the non-cash garage option is that it makes the settlement of car insurance claims quick, convenient, hassle-free and transparent compared to the payment claim process. Here are the benefits that policyholders enjoy with this facility:

1. Priority service

With the option of cashless repair, policyholders get quick and improved repair services in network garages. Since garages are in contact with your insurance company, they have to provide service to you on priority without any payment. 

2. Quick settlement to claim

The non-monetary reform process accelerates the dispute resolution process, with the insurance company settling repair invoices directly with the network garage. The claim process takes about 7-10 days for insurance companies to provide the necessary approvals and transfer compensation.

3. Trouble-free process

The non-cash dispute resolution process is not only quick, but also hassle-free. It is also possible as all procedures are taken care of by insurance companies and policyholders only to make getting verified invoices and make payment if any. 


Under a non-cash facility, repair invoices and related estimates are sent directly to the insurance company. The surveyor sent by the insurance company participates throughout the process, making the whole process transparent and limiting the possibility of any fraud.

5. Quality Service

Since non-cash garages are authorized by insurance companies, insurance companies are sure to provide quality service to the policyholder. To ensure this, insurance companies recognize only the best garages on site to provide the best services and customer satisfaction.

The importance of cashless garage facilities

Let's understand why non-cash garage facilities are important to policyholders:

1. Freedom from the financial burden

An accident or accident brings an unplanned financial burden on you. In the case of payment claims, you have to pay for repairs at first, but in the case of non-cash garage facilities, you don't need to pay anything for repair bills after an unfortunate accident where your private insurance company pays You have that. 

2. Stress-free driving

With this non-cash garage facility, policyholders can drive their cars with peace of mind because they don't have to worry about any unexpected accidents and the resulting expenses while driving a car that can to put a burden on their mental health.

3. Stress-free claims

The most important reason for choosing a non-cash garage facility is that policyholders can file a claim and repair their vehicles without going through any cumbersome and lengthy claim settlements.


Non-cash garage facilities have become very useful to policyholders at present. Although this option sometimes comes with certain conditions such as limited network garages, mandatory discount, etc., it is still a profitable facility for all. Whenever you purchase a car insurance plan, make sure it provides a cashless garage facility for a hassle-free, fast and convenient claim process.

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