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How does your car insurance policy cover you against natural disasters?

 How does your car insurance policy cover you against natural disasters?

Natural disasters are unpredictable. Not only do they take lives, but they also destroy property, including cars. Read this article to find out how car insurance policies cover you against natural disasters.

Natural disasters can occur at any time. It causes tremendous damage to your belongings. Cars are one of the most expensive properties. When natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and storms occur it becomes necessary to make sure that your car is safe. It is recommended to take advance steps to ensure that your vehicle is secured. If you have an insured car, it will be easier for you to repair it and take care of other damages so that you do not have to pay for damages out of your pocket.

How does your car insurance policy cover you against natural disasters?

The car insurance policy covers any damage or damage to your vehicle due to natural disasters such as storms, floods, earthquakes, etc. You must have active comprehensive insurance coverage because third-party car insurance does not cover any damage caused by natural disasters.

All comprehensive insurance policies cover damage caused by any natural disasters. And you don't have to pay any extra for car damage insurance. This is not the case with third-party liability insurance coverage, even if you take the best insurance. In this case, you have to bear the cost of repairing or replacing your damaged car yourself. Insurance companies will not provide any additional funds or assistance to cover the damages.  You need a comprehensive policy if you want your car insurance company to cover the damage caused by natural disasters. 

Things to do when your car is damaged in a natural disaster.

If your car is damaged, you need to do the following things.

  • Click photos of your damaged car from all angles.
  • Video of your damaged car.
  • Note down the date and time of the disaster.
  • Collect news articles on natural disasters.
  • Make a car insurance claim with your insurance company.
  • Don't move the car from the site. Let the company check the car.
  • Damages are not repaired unless approved by your insurance company.
  • How to raise your car insurance claim?
  • Contact our claim support team.
  • Report car damage caused by natural disasters.
  • The insurance company will appoint a surveyor to examine the damage.
  • Cooperate with the surveyor and provide all the required details.
  • The surveyor will report to the insurance company.
  • Once approved by the company, send your car to a repair garage.
  • Your insurance company will verify the documents and pay your claim amount.
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Extra covers

Some insurance companies come with a variety of additional covers that provide convergence for damages that are not covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.

Take a look at some extra covers -

Hood: Compensates for any damage or loss caused to your engine due to a natural disaster.

Zero consumption coverage: It protects your car from consumption and helps you get an IDV equal to the market value of your car.

No bonus claim protection: It ensures that the bonus of any claim your claim is still immune even if you raise a car insurance claim.

Take away

The comprehensive insurance policy covers car damage caused by natural disasters. You can enhance coverage by purchasing the relevant additional covers available with the best car insurance companies. Remember to follow the above guidelines when claiming insurance.

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