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Benefits of the Comprehensive National Car Insurance Policy

Benefits of the Comprehensive National Car Insurance Policy

National Comprehensive Insurance Co., Ltd. is one of the oldest companies in India with reliable services. Read this article to find out the benefits of a comprehensive national car insurance policy.

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Benefits of the Comprehensive National Car Insurance Policy

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In India, vehicle insurance requires at least third-party liability coverage. However, simply meeting eligibility requirements is not always the best option. Third-party coverage compensates for property damage, bodily injury or death caused by your vehicle. However, it is recommended to expand your insurance coverage by purchasing a comprehensive car insurance policy to cover your car for its insurance damages as well.

In addition to third-party coverage, the Comprehensive National Car Insurance Policy usually includes coverage of damage to your vehicle. Personal incident coverage is also available as an addition to the policy. You can get coverage of injuries or death from an accident by adding personal accident protection to your policy.

Benefits of the Comprehensive National Car Insurance Policy

The comprehensive car insurance policy already includes a number of privileges. By buying add-ons, you can access more services. It increases the value of your insurance policy.

Here are some of the benefits of comprehensive national car insurance:

1. Excellent defense: The company ensures that the covered car and the document holder will be fully protected. At the moment of crisis, the company is responsible for covering all the financial demands of policyholders.

2. Third-party coverage: A comprehensive car insurance policy covers all third-party obligations as well as any property damage. The insured does not have to worry about costs if he was at fault during the accident.

3. Special damage: If the insured vehicle is damaged by natural or man-made disasters, thefts or accidents, the cost of repair will be covered by insurance.

4. One premium: One premium covers both third-party responsibility and personal injury, making the procedure simple and quick. There are no problems, and the plan explodes without an obstacle.

5. Add-ons and no-claim bonus: A variety of add-ons as well as a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy can be purchased to increase insurance benefits. The holder of the document receives a non-claim benefit for each year free of benefits.

With national car insurance, make a simple claim. When filing an insurance claim, you must take the following steps:

As soon as possible after the damage, notify the policy issuance agency.

In the event of an accident or third-party liability, flight information must be provided to the local police station.

Collect or download the claim form from the office from the official website of the National Insurance Company.

Make sure you fill out the claim form in full and carefully.

Submit the claim form, with appropriate documentation, to the Policy Issuance Office. A copy of the registration certificate, driver's license and other papers can be included.

Take away

Although it is not required, a comprehensive car insurance policy is necessary. It protects you from having to pay a large amount of money if your car has an accident. You can choose from a variety of add-ons, including zero consumption coverage, roadside assistance coverage, engine coverage, etc.

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